Site-C Dam Project Completion

Fort St. John, British Columbia, February 7th, 2021. HELICAL PILE SOLUTIONS LTD (HPS) announces the successful completion of the foundation component of BC Hydro’s 500kV Transmission line Project connecting the Site-C hydro electric facility to the Peace Canyon Generating Station. The Dual 75km transmission lines required the installation of helical piles, proof testing, capping, welding, and quality management for foundation hubs and anchors along the transmission route. The project was completed over two winter seasons and required a team of 20 including project management, supervision, engineering & testing support, operators, truck drivers and laborers to complete. The project was completed with zero lost time incidents as a subcontract for Allteck Limited Partnership.

This project was highly schedule driven and required HPS to work in parallel with Allteck’s powerline construction group, accessing the same areas during the winter months. HPS participated in schedule meetings and supported coordination between the two groups that would ultimately allow our other construction activities to continue uninterrupted. The team at HPS was instrumental in meeting the in-service date for the most time sensitive component of this powerline project – the completion of BC Hydro’s 5L005.”

Helical Pile Solutions would like to thank BC Hydro, its subcontractors, and the First Nations partners for the successful completion of the project.

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