Manifesting Design into Construction Solutions

Our manufacturing capability includes:

Helical Pile Foundations
  • Helical Piles ranging in size from 3” to 60”
  • Multi Helix piles
  • Candle Stick / Bucket Piles ranging in size from 24 to 60”
  • Test Piles / Reaction Piles
  • Pile Caps / Base Plates
  • Nelson Stud attachments (for grade beam use)
  • Interior Nelson Studs for Concrete Cased Piles
Drilled Shaft Foundations
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Stub Plates / Base Plates
  • Stub Legs
Driven Pile Foundations
  • Pile Caps / Connection Points
  • Stub Legs
  • Nelson Stud attachments (for grade beam use)

Our facility in Sherwood Park, Alberta manufactures a full range of driven and helical pile foundation components including helical piles, anchor bolts, pile caps, stubs, connection points, grade beam stubs, and nelson stubs.  Our robust quality program led by engineering ensures all our manufactured materials are proven to meet technical specifications.

In-house engineering and manufacturing teams work closely together in the design and build of foundation materials which provides for flexible, efficient results.  Integrated manufacturing and installation teams coordinate resource planning and execution to seamlessly deliver the engineered solutions.

Whether manufacturing for in-house engineering, or custom designs for our clients and partners, HPS can provide the foundations for your project needs.

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