Legacy of Foundation Innovation

HPS started in 1977 as Peace Land Power and Piling, a service contractor for power transmission companies. Founded in Fort St. John, British Columbia, the company became a prominent contractor in the oil and gas sector.

Given the demand for anchored guy wires on rigs and flare stacks, the company recognized a niche opportunity for specializing in helical (screw) pile foundations.

In 2008, Helical Pier Systems was created by amalgamating Peace Land Piling and other entities into a helical pile manufacturing and installation company. Headquartered in Sherwood Park, Alberta, the company expanded operations into the United States in 2011 with the formation of Helical Pier Systems Inc. located in Houston, Texas. The company grew consistently over the following years, diversifying the markets it served and expanding its service offerings to provide turnkey (EPC) foundation solutions.

In 2020, Java Holdings Ltd. (“Java”) acquired the assets of Helical Pier Systems and renamed the company to Helical Pile Solutions (“HPS”). Under the Java banner, HPS became the foundations provider for utility and heavy civil construction work. With Java Management leadership and financial backing, HPS is positioned for continued growth in the North American market and beyond.

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