Foundations to Build Upon

Our fleet of equipment includes:

Helical Pile Equipment
  • CAT 345 
  • CAT 325
  • Kenworth Picker Truck Mounted Install Rigs
  • 375,000 ft/lb Eskridge Single Motor Drive Heads
  • 250,000 ft/lb Eskridge Single/Multi Motor Drive Heads
  • 150,000 ft/lb Eskridge Single Motor Drive Heads
  • 80,000 ft/lb Eskridge Single Motor Drive Heads
  • 60,000 ft/lb Eskridge Single Motor Drive Heads
  • 25,000 ft/lb Eskridge Single Motor Drive Heads
Drilled Shaft Equipment 
  • Soilmec SR65
  • Soilmec SR50
  • Soilmec SR30
  • Watson 2500 (Truck & Track mounted)
  • Watson 1100 (Truck & Track mounted) 
  • APE 200-6 Vibratory Hammer
Driven Pile Equipment
  • Junttan PM23
  • Junttan PM16
  • Vermeer PD10
Other Foundation and Testing Equipment
  • Cat 345 & 336 Pulling Frames & Cylinder combinations
  • Load Cylinders for Static & Dynamic Load testing
  • Test Benches, Reaction Piles/frames for Load Testing
  • Fully Calibrated suite of testing equipment

Our services include:

Screw Pile Construction
  • Helical Piles
    • Installation torque from 8,000 ft/lbs to 375,000 ft/lbs
    • Pile sizes from 3” to 60” 
  • Cutting of Piles to IFC elevations
  • Pile capping
  • Welding of Nelson Studs to Caps
  • Survey and As-builts
Drilled Shaft Construction 
  • Drilled Shaft ranging in sizes from 12” to 96” (0.30 to 2.43m)
  • Cage installation
  • Forming and Pouring of Pile Caps
  • Setting of Anchor Bolt Clusters or Pile Caps
  • Finishing of concrete service, clean up 
  • Survey of Pile Cap installs and As-builts
Driven Pile Construction
  • Driven Piles: W24-W32 H-beam/24” round beam (0.5”) and up to 20m in length 
  • Cutting of Piles to IFC elevations
  • Pile capping (Welded)

HPS provides foundation installation and testing services for varying ground conditions throughout North America. We have a full range of specialized equipment, complementing experienced site leadership and execution personnel.

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