Helical Piles

Screw Pile Experts

Helical piles have the benefit of:

  • adding substantial uplift resistance 
  • economical use of steel
  • reduced pile length
  • efficient installation with lower cost
  • installation in any weather conditions
  • remote locations with difficult access requirements
  • various soil and load applications
  • modular construction
  • versatile and precise

Helical Pile foundations, or “Screw Pile Foundations”, are a type of deep steel pile foundation installed using a substantial amount of torque applied by a hydraulic drive head.  This type of piling can be used for a variety of applications including transmission and distribution lines, oil and gas facilities, substations, solar farms and petrochemical facilities.

Helical piles are an ideal solution for environmentally sensitive areas due to a reduced installation footprint and minimal ground disturbance.

HPS has been a leader in helical pile foundations for more than a quarter century. We have the engineering, manufacturing, and construction experience to do the job right.

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