Value Engineering

Optimized Project Solutions

Our services include:

  • Geotechnical Review of Subsurface Conditions
  • Foundation Review & Selection based on design criteria
  • Foundation Design & Optimization
  • Development of a Family of Foundations
  • Value Engineering of Existing Designs
  • Geo & 3D layout presentations
  • Survey Review & As-Built Reports

At HPS, we continue to systematically improve design quality bringing forth the best in value for our clients.  We recognize that decisions during the engineering phase impacts the entire life cycle of a project, and we work collaboratively with our customers to create the optimum solution for each project.  Combining the experience of our engineers with our customers’ vision, we begin every project with a mindset of constructability and incorporate value analysis to see beyond the engineering specifications.

Our team includes industry foundations specialists that can rise to the challenge on any project.  We are accredited in every province and territory we work in, which enables us to certify our own designs, providing greater efficiency and greater value to our clients.

With in-house engineering, diverse foundation solutions, and 40+ years of experience, HPS provides customers with the assurance that their foundations will meet their requirements and are engineered to last.

Inquire about HPS Foundation Engineering Services and Solutions

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