Drilled Shaft

Traditional Solution, Modern Equipment

A millennium of application

The installation of Drilled Shaft foundations, or Caissons, dates back almost 2000 years. This ancient and relied upon foundation provides a turnkey solution to almost any foundation problem. The acceptance of new foundation types, such as Helical Piles, Micro Piles, Sonic Piles or even Driven Piles is still being developed in different areas of construction—but the one type of foundation that is almost universally accepted across the world is a drilled shaft foundation. Drilled Shaft foundations can be installed in almost any environment—from the arctic, to the deep desert, and from the ocean to the prairies: This Foundation can do it all.

HPS continues to expand its range of foundation solutions. We have recently augmented our team with the inclusion of Drilled Shaft industry experts and specialized equipment and we are now offering Drilled Shaft foundations.

We have the engineering, manufacturing, and construction experience to meet the requirements of any project.

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